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Best SEO hacks
Best SEO Hacks in 2022 for a Guaranteed Website Growth

Best SEO Hacks in 2022 for a Guaranteed Website Growth

Thinking about driving more traffic to your website? Are you struggling to retain visitors to your website? If so, don’t fret anymore. Our experts have gathered the best SEO hacks to boost the traffic to your website. It will eventually place your website higher on Google SERPs.

There are hundreds of SEO hacks out there. However, we have short-listed the most effective and best SEO hacks in 2022 to cut short the hassle. So, make sure you read the points given below and boost the overall growth of your website.

Best SEO Hacks in 2022

Optimize Images

How will Google know what the used image is about? Well, that is where alternative text or Alt text helps you out. Not just Google, your users need to know more about the information regarding the image used on your website.

So, one of the best SEO hacks in 2022 is to add Alt text to your images. When you do that, explain the image as descriptively as you can. It should be short, crispy, and have a clear meaning. However, make sure you don’t overstuff the information in the Alt text.

Create SEO-Friendly URL

One of the most useful and effective SEO hacks in 2022 is to have an SEO-friendly URL. It means that the keywords used in the URL should be easy to read. They must be easy for both – Search Engines & Users. The URL should give a clear meaning about what the web page deals with.

However, when the URL is difficult to read and randomly selected, the users can’t get the meaning out of it. It further depends on the type of website you are running. Thus, optimize it as per your preference. Use the keywords required to be included in the URL.

Add Related Keywords

To increase traffic on your website organically, you need to use the right and relevant keywords. Instead of blindly using the keywords, understand the intention of the user. What is he or she trying to accomplish by searching for a particular keyword?

Thus, you must have a clear vision while using keywords. Apart from using the right keywords, you should also use mixed keywords. It increases your chances of getting ranked for more than one keyword. Hence, one of the SEO hacks is to use the right tools to get hang of the relevant keywords.

Use Descriptive Meta Description

Meta descriptions are one of the most essential elements of SEO hacks in 2022. These are the first things that a user interacts with before landing on your web page. So, it should be descriptive and must explain in detail what the page is about.

It should be giving a summarized picture of your webpage. In case you are seeking action from users, a call to action must be there in the description. For a better understanding, you should join the best SEO training in Chandigarh.

Create Mobile-Friendly Websites

Is your website optimized for mobile phones? No? What are you waiting for? Most users access websites on their mobile phones on the go. Hence, one of the best SEO hacks you can’t afford to miss is targeting the mobile audience.

Even Google has been focusing on mobile phone users with the mobile-first-index feature. Hence, you can assume how important is to target the right audience using the most used platform.

Don’t Forget Long-Tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords make up to 70% of search traffic. That’s right. It means if you are not targeting the long-tail keywords, you might be missing out on 70% audience. We hope you are not doing that. Thus, another crucial SEO hack that made the list is to use long-tail keywords in your content.

Long-tail keywords indicate the specific intention of a user. If you offer what the user is searching for, you can easily rank on the web by using long-tail keywords.

Sum Up

So, the above-mentioned are the best SEO hacks in 2022 that you must inculcate in your day-to-day SEO work. Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are many more tricks that can boost your website’s ranking. For that, you should join SEO training in Chandigarh and learn how to rank on Google’s first page in no time.

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