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Graphic Designer
Creativity Plus Critical Thinking [Career as a Graphic Designer]

Creativity Plus Critical Thinking [Career as a Graphic Designer]

Graphic designing is a great career option for an individual who is a creative and critical thinker plus excels in the art of communication. It can be simply defined as a practice of giving a picture to your thoughts and experiences. Thus, in its most basic form, it is all about communicating ideas through visuals. In case you looking to start your career as a graphic designer, then you should know what you are supposed to do. Read on.

What Does a Graphic Designer Do?

Someone who creates visual content for a wide range of projects including print ads and websites is a graphic designer. It means the purpose of a graphic designer is to create magic with visual content that attracts customer’s attraction.

However, the designer needs to ensure that his/her design completely conveys the intended message by keeping the targeted audience or client glued to the creation. A graphic designer is supposed to create visuals for desktop publishing, web design, branding and advertising, book designing, typography, logos, product packaging, etc.

All in all, a graphic designer can be defined as an individual whose aim is to design a project that satisfies the client’s requirements. Therefore, a proper flow of communication between both of them is necessary to get the best creation. From that, it is very clear that the career as a graphic designer is a booming one. Now, let’s shed some light on the tools that a graphic designer uses to create a visual.

Career as a Graphic Designer [Tools You Must Learn]

The job of a graphic designer begins right with rough graphic design ideas. He/she can do it either by hand sketching or using computer programming tools. The following tools are used by the designer to create a visual and transmit his/her message.

1. Vector Graphics Editor Tools: Adobe Illustrator and Affinity Designer

2. Raster Graphics Editor Tools: Adobe Photoshop

Apart from these tools, designers use Canva and InDesign by Adobe to create an attractive visual. So, if you often get mesmerized by visual content and want to become proficient in using these graphics designing tools, you should get yourself enrolled in job oriented training in Ambala or your nearby city. But for now, let’s discuss the roles and responsibilities of a graphic designer.

Career as a Graphic Designer [Roles and Responsibilities]

If we elaborate, then the responsibilities of a graphic designer include designing for a marketing campaign, magazines, brochures, print ads, etc. Sometimes, he/she also needs to do retouching of visuals or images for digital displays. But, that is not enough! If you opt for a career as a graphic designer, you have to fulfill the following responsibilities:

  • Meeting with clients to take the gist of the project to present it visually
  • Design a strategy to target a specific audience
  • Create images that convey a clear message about the product or service
  • Select colors, images, layout, and text
  • Present the design to clients and make amends suggested by clients
  • Review changes and create an error-free final visual

Career as a Graphic Designer [Is It Worth It?]

Of course yes, graphic designing is one of the best booming fields that will help you earn a handsome income. If you’re a beginner, you can expect an annual income ranging from Rs. 2-3 LPA. However, if you hold 5+ years of experience, you can earn a huge sum of Rs. 5-10 LPA.

Also, the number of jobs for graphic designers is increasing day by day due to the increase in online services. Moreover, you can also get a chance to collaborate and work with benign organizations like Google, Facebook, Adobe, LinkedIn, Microsoft, etc. The field is ever-growing and you have so much to explore.

How to Become a Graphic Designer?

It is now very clear that the career as a graphic designer is an excellent one and anyone who has completed 10+2 in any stream can pursue a course to learn the same. So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself enrolled in a graphic designing course and gift yourself a better future!

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