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Essential Digital Marketing Components You Must Know

Essential Digital Marketing Components You Must Know

Marketing has changed over the years. The present time is the age of digital marketing. With 24/7 connectivity, more than 81% of individuals spent time browsing smartphones. Therefore, it is the right time to have a digital marketing strategy to meet consumers in the digital arena. However, for that, you should know about different digital marketing components.

People have become more active over the web and participate in various online activities. Hence, it becomes easier to target potential users while using different digital marketing components. Let’s have a look at such components and learn how to use them. Read on.

Digital Marketing Components: A Brief Intro


How do you think people find your website? Well, the best and the easiest way is to perform a web search. For instance, search for something on Google or Bing. Search Engine Marketing uses various techniques to manipulate the search engine result pages. Paid marketing tactics are used to help a website rank on the web for a particular key phrase, keyword, or any query.


When it comes to organically top the search result page, Search Engine Optimization is one of the best digital marketing components for you. With more mobile users, results show that more than 31% of Google mobile searches have been there. Hence, it signifies the importance of SEO tools for better online visibility.

In this component, you update and tweak your website as per a search engine’s algorithm. Different search engines use search crawlers to decipher what your website is all about. This leads to a better ranking of your website, so, it leads to more users and a higher conversion rate.


Pay Per Click can also be termed as online paid ads. Understood from the name itself, you pay each time when a user clicks on your ad. PPC ads show up at the top of a search result page. However, they won’t show until someone initiate a search. Because of that, they are also known as search ads.

It is one of the digital marketing components everyone should get familiar with. The top three ads get more than 41% of clicks. Not just that, 72% of people exclaim that PPC makes it easier for users to get the desired information instantly.


Want to target users who have visited your website? Well, that is where remarketing comes into action. It works whenever a user visits your website, your remarketing partner leaves a cookie in the user’s browser. A cookie contains a file of information that tracks the user’s visiting records.

Results have confirmed that 70% of conversions are done via remarketing strategy. It might be a bit complicated. So, you should join a digital marketing training in Ambala to know how to use different tools to master this component.

Email Marketing

Marketing done through emails is called Email marketing. With over 4,400% return on investment, Email marketing is one of the best digital marketing components. More than 60% of users feel delighted to have promotional emails every week. It means, there are more chances of conversion on weekly basis.

Email marketing is pretty easy as email address once entered in your domain is registered for an automated message. Hence, incorporating this component into your marketing strategy is going to be highly beneficial.

Social Media Marketing

Any marketing campaign done via different social media platforms comes under the category of the Social Media Marketing component. Nearly 70% of users wish their favorite brand have a neat and well-established social media presence. Moreover, 17% of users scan different social media domains to look out for the information regarding any brand or business.

Hence, platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Instagram could turn into a higher value for you. Moreover, SMM is one of the most updated digital marketing components.

Video Marketing

When marketing takes place via a video, it becomes Video marketing. With over 50 times more effective than plain text, videos make consumers more confident with their online purchase. The best thing is that videos are usually under one minute.

Furthermore, users demand shorter videos that again save their time. How-to videos could be your best buddy to explain users about your products.

Wrap Up

Various digital marketing components should always be used depending on your domain and your audience. Therefore, to learn about what to use, it is better to look for a digital marketing internship in Ambala. That way, you are going to learn the practical usage of different digital marketing components. In turn, you get maximum out of various online campaigns.

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