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Guidebook to Web Development Training in Zirakpur

Guidebook to Web Development Training in Zirakpur

In today’s tech-driven world, having an online presence means a lot. Every individual with a laptop or smartphone uses internet to find information or connect with loved ones. Similarly, businesses rely on a website to help them connect with the target audience. If you want to build websites that rule the internet, join the web development training in Zirakpur.

But, that is not all web development is about. There is a lot more that website development has to offer. Come! Let us find out what it is.

The Basics of Web Development

Web development encompasses all the activies you perform to build a website. Although the majority of online users think that website development is only about coding, it is not so. Web development includes scripting, server configuration, network security, and Ecommerce development.

Before we dive deeper into the world of web development, let us take a look at the basic terminology associated with website development.

Web Development Basic Terminology

  1. Web Browser

Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera are all web browsers. These are computer programs which help you display and navigate through different web pages.

  1. Client

The end-user device which helps you access the internet. It refers to everything a user sees and interacts with, including images, texts, and actions.

  1. Server

The server provides the user with data, resources, services, and programs that other computers use. As a user, you send a request which the server sees, responds, and sends requests.

  1. Protocol

Protocol refers to a set of rules for connecting, communicating, and transferring data among other electronic devices. Some of the common protocols include HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol), FTP (File Transfer Protocol), and TCP (Transmission Control Protocol).

  1. IP Address

Any device you use for connecting to the internet or website has a unique string of numbers to distinguish it from other devices. It is the IP address of that device.

  1. Programming Language

Programming languages are the software written by using one or more coding languages. Every programming language has its own vocabulary and grammar rules. These rules include special commands read and followed by application programs and devices. Some of the commonly used programming languages include C++, Python, and SQL. Join the web development training in Zirakpur to learn programming languages and build websites.

  1. CMS

Short for Content Management System, CMS comes handy in creating and managing web content for any type of website. These make it easy for you to build a website by providing the building blocks to create a structured code.

  1. Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is one of the main tenets of building a high ranking website. It includes securing data, computers, and networs from the many vulnerabilities and threats.

Do you know about the different categories of web development? The information below has the answer.

Different Types of Web Development

Given below are the 3 different categories of web development.

  1. Front-End Development

Front-end development involves building user interface of a program or website. The majority of front-end development covers the visual aspects of website development. In this you work on graphics, layout, design elements, and website navigation all of which help a user interact with the website.

The end goal of front-end development is to help the user have a smooth interaction with the website.

  1. Back-End Development

Back-end development ensures that everything works smoothly on the website server’s end. It focuses on how the website database, OS, network, and API’s function. As a back-end developer you work in coordination with front-end developers. The web development training in Zirakpur will help you learn everything about back-end web development.

  1. Full-Stack Development

The Full-stack developer works on the back and front-end of website development. It involves all the steps of creating an application, software, or a website. As a full-stack developer, you handle the various functionalities involved in development of a website.

Do you think how joining a web development training in Zirakpur can help you? Keep reading to know the answer.

Benefits of Web Development Training in Zirakpur

Given below are 3 major reasons why you should join a web development training.

  1. In-Demand Profession

Online experience of end-user has much to do on the failure or success of a business in today’s internet-driven world. Without a qualified and knowledgeable web developer working behind the scenes, no business would be able to leave its mark on the target audience’s mind. The website development training makes you stand out when it comes to finding a job as a web developer.

  1. No Limit to Earning

Do web developers get paid? Yes! They get paid much better in comparison to other professionals. Although the compensation depends on your level of knowledge and experience, there is no limit to how much you can earn with the right skills. It is why joining the web development training in Zirakpur is a win-win situation for you.

  1. Flexible Career Path

Web development is one such field that offers a flexible path into the IT industry. You have the option to work as a freelancer or full-time with a Silicon Valley IT giant. In other words, there is no need for you to sit in an office and work 9 to 5.


Want to develop websites that capture the end-user’s attention? You should join the web development training in Zirakpur to learn the ins and outs of website development.

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