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Beginner web designer
Key Points Every Beginner Web Designer Should Know

Key Points Every Beginner Web Designer Should Know

Creating a website design takes plenty of aspects into consideration. Even though it comes from experience, however, you should also make efforts to grasp new knowledge. A beginner web designer might make mistakes. But what is important is to learn from your mistakes and keep growing.

To help beginner web designers, we have structured a list of key points that every beginner web designer should be aware of. It will minimize the frequency of mistakes and makes you a proficient and productive web designer. Roll on.

Tips For Beginner Web Designer

Optimize Web Graphics

You should learn how to use proper formatting while structuring the site’s layout. Moreover, keep in mind that even though internet services are easily available, many people still have slow internet connections. Hence, it could lead to slower loading of the web page.

Therefore, you should use the right file format so that it loads faster despite the internet connection’s speed. Use bare minimum images with limited size so that it keeps the web page light and fast.

Clean & Simple Design

As a beginner web designer, you should know that simple and clean design is evergreen. Not just that, it should be user-friendly. So, make sure it has higher usability and does not confuse the user. With too many on-page features, the user might get distracted.

Therefore, always create a web page with a pre-defined purpose. Before adding any new feature, ask yourself whether it is required or not. In case you come up with a new interface or design, make sure it is easy to access and operate.

Don’t Forget the Navigation Bar

Navigation is one of the most essential elements of a web page. Without it, the user will be stranded on a web page he or she lands on. You should be aware of the placement of icons, style of the web page, usability, and much more.

More emphasis should be paid on technologies at the user’s end. The web page’s navigation should be independent of whatever technology is present at the client’s end.

Wise Use of Fonts

Only a handful of fonts are of any use from a plethora of fonts available on the web. In this case, having job oriented training could be your best buddy. There you’ll learn which type of font is the best for a particular domain.

Be consistent with font usage. You should be aware that headlines are different from paragraphs and do not hamper the overall flow of the web page. As a beginner web designer, you must understand that users should be comfortable while reading the text.

Understanding Color Coding

Color plays a major role along with the font. Think about color contrast so that what you want to highlight comes in the front. Use a color that does not strain the eyes of the user. Moreover, you should also understand that there might be users with color blindness.

Hence, use different tools on the internet to know which color is perfect for all, even for color blind people. The background color of the text plays a huge part in increasing the readability. That is what you should work on. Practice with different color coding schemes to get the best results.

Know Coding

Even though there are plenty of codes available online that you can use for your website. However, these add junk to your codes and expands the size of your file. Hence, you yourself should write codes as much as possible to make a neat and clean design.

Not just that, the code that you type gets auto-update without any additional junk files hidden in them. Hence, you can rest assured to have the desired results.

Keep SEO in Check

A good beginner web designer always keeps SEO in check while curating a web page. For instance, create a web page that has dedicated headings and subheadings for easier crawling by a search engine. Moreover, you should know which type of layout is perfect for the website.

It might seem too much for a beginner web designer to have the knowledge of SEO as well. Well, in that case, you should join a web designing training in Ambala or Mohali. That will help you understand how to create web pages while keeping SEO in check.

Wrap Up

The above-mentioned were just a few things for beginner web designers to make them more productive and efficient. Further, you will learn more with experience that is going to push you towards the peak of your career.

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