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New to Copywriting? Ignore These Basic Writing Mistakes!

New to Copywriting? Ignore These Basic Writing Mistakes!

In ever-rising AI content creators, text spinners, and bots writing articles, quality content is rare. However, it is crucial to have more page views, engage the target audience, or even generate leads. You must know how to write and optimize it for better reach. In short, you need to get rid of writing mistakes before publishing the content for either marketing campaigns or website landing pages.

We understand you might be new to the field. That is why this post is so crucial for you. In this article, we have covered some of the most common writing mistakes which can dilute your audience. So, let’s roll further.

Writing Mistakes You Must Avoid

High-End Vocabulary

Always avoid jargon and technical words that need a dictionary or industry lingo. The everyday user can’t understand them. You will be wasting the limited character limit while writing for a marketing campaign. New writers, trying to impress, always use high-end words. That is the most common writing mistake you need to avoid. Observe your targeted audience and stoop to their level.

Wrong Perspective

Is your copywriting talking about the product only? If so, you might commit a common writing mistake. The audience must know about the product, however, don’t just limit it only. Rather, you must know:

  • What you have to say as a writer
  • What your audience/reader needs/want to hear

You have to make the reader visualize the things he/she might miss if he/she does not buy what you are offering. So, learn to perceive things differently.

Listing Too Many Benefits

The benefits of your product are crucial. But, are they of any significance to the reader? Rather than just stating facts, why not you relate them with the user. How a certain thing will impact a reader is more important. So, never commit writing mistakes that forget readers and focus on business only.

Not Relating Product Description

Product description offers you insight into the product/service. However, rather than telling the user what it has, include the reader. It means you need to show the reader how his/her life will change with what you are offering. Help the reader understand the use and significance of the product without getting into technicalities.

Negative Emotional Surge

It might be a good step to penetrate the fears of your users. However, we wouldn’t recommend you always do the same. Triggering negative emotions won’t come in handy in the long run. Who knows, it might have a different impact on your user.

Moreover, having a negative emotional reaction is not a good thing to build a healthy relationship with your customers. So, always keep Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt (FUD) out of your copywriting. It could be one of the major writing mistakes from your end.

Active vs. Passive Voice

Each voice has its perks. Some prefer passive voice over active voice. However, before you stick with one of the two, you should know how each voice affects users. The active voice orders the user to execute or take action right away. It is full of energy and clear in its meaning.

So, use the one that puts your user at the action end. However, you can always mix two styles to have a perfect blend of the perfect copywriting sample. You should join content writing training in Ambala to learn when to use which voice.

Too Concerned About SEO

We understand that SEO is crucial to ranking your content. However, that does not mean you have to intentionally be careful about doing things as per SEO. It will make sure your writing is not dull and unappealing.

Search Engines like Google have become smarter. It can rank you higher without using all the keywords on your list when things are done correctly. So, don’t be so much bothered about SEO. However, that does not leave you free to never take a second look at SEO also. Just take the right approach.

In a Nutshell

Writing mistakes are pretty common. All these make the quest for quality content even harder. So, you need to mend things you have been doing wrong with your copywriting. When you do so, you will see tremendous results right from day one.

However, for that, you have to practice writing every single day. Over time, you become a copywriting master and charge as much as you want for every single piece of writing.

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