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Top Web Development Interview Questions for Freshers

Top Web Development Interview Questions for Freshers

Web development is considered to be the most promising field today since it helps the individual to mint an attractive sum of money with his skills and knowledge. With that said, it is no surprise that the field has a vast array of job openings across the world. But, the competition in the field is directly proportional to the rising demand for developers. In that scenario, cracking an interview becomes a tough task. But, don’t worry these top web development interview questions for freshers handpicked by the institute providing the best web development training in Ambala have the highest chance of appearing. So, study them carefully to know what approach you should adopt to crack the interview.

Top Web Development Interview Questions for Freshers

Here are the questions that are frequently asked by an individual applying for the developer’s profile.

1) Differentiate Between SOAP and REST.

A web development protocol An architectural platform
Functions with HTML Works with XML, plain text, and HTML
SOAP cannot make use of REST REST can use SOAP

2) What are the recently introduced input types in HTML5?

HTML5 has undergone various revamps over the past years. With the addition of new input types, it has become quite easy for the individual to work with it. Color, Datetime-local, email, number range, month, and date are the recently introduced input types in HTML5.

3) Why do we use namespace in web development?

Since the namespace creates unambiguity (avoid naming conflicts) when two identifiers have the same name, its introduction has a higher chance of being asked in the web development interview questions for freshers. The uses of a namespace include holding methods, properties, and other objects. It makes it feasible to reuse the code.

4) What is the use of SVG?

SVG means Scalable Vector Graphics. You can check vector-based graphics over the internet with its help. However, the content should be based on the XML format. It helps the user to furnish images of top quality as it uses superior-quality graphics.

5) Why do we use Canvas in HTML?

Canvas was introduced on HTML5 so that users can draw graphics with ease using JavaScript. Various methods are available in canvas tag to draw paths, circles, images, and much more. You will be able to explore these methods by enrolling in the institute offering industrial training in Ambala.

6) How to reduce page loading time?

Although it is a moderate-level question, still it has secured its place in the top web development interview questions for freshers. The answer to the question is to focus on the factors affecting the loading time of the website. Some methods that can be adopted to reduce the loading time of a web page are as follows:

  • Reduce the image size
  • Cut off unnecessary widgets
  • Least redirection and caching
  • Lookups reduction
  • HTTP compression

The upcoming web development interview questions for freshers comprise some important differences too. So, consider not skipping them.

7) How do we differentiate localStorage and sessionStorage objects?

localStorage sessionStorage
The stored object has no expiry time Single session validity of the object
Data does not get deleted even after you close the window As soon as you close the window the object gets deleted

8) What is the difference between Canvas and SVG?

Canvas SVG
It is a resolution dependant It does not depend on the resolution
Event handlers are not supported It supports event handlers
A good option for small-scale rendering applications Generally suggested for large-scale rendering applications

9) Why do we use CORS?

CORS means Cross-origin Resource Sharing. CORS let the user request variety of resources from a domain that does not fall on the current request domain.

10) Name some types of CSS that are used.

Three main types of CSS are present. They are:

  • Incline CSS
  • External CSS
  • Embedded CSS

So, these were some of the most important web development interview questions for freshers. We also tried to cover the questions that can be asked from an individual appearing at the moderate level. We hope that you will excel in the next interview and make the job yours.

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